European economic governance seen from the V4

EMU coordination
EU budget
Europe 2020
Crisis management

Budapest Business School (lead partner/coordinator), Budapest
EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Prague
PISM (Polish Institute of International Affairs), Warsaw
Centre for European Affairs, Bratislava

Project length
January 2014-December 2014


Europe 2020 seen from the Czech Republic

All outputs from the project are available here.

Cross-border cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic

Project Manager: Radomír Špok

Timeframe: (January - December 2013)


The aim of the project is to analyse the cross-border cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic. The study covers cooperation between local administration (towns, regions etc.), as well as between entities such as border guards, police, schools and sport clubs.

The project consists of three components:

  1. A qualitative study – in-depth interviews with representatives of local administration and institutions such as police, border guards, etc. (on both sides of the border).
  2. Analysis of the results of the abovementioned study.
  3. Publication of two reports on the cross-border cooperation.

Two reports - the Polish and the Czech – are published on-line. The IPA researcher describe the experience of Polish local administration and institutions, while EUROPEUM researcher covers the views of the Czech respondents.

Reports contain conclusions and recommendations and draw attention to the importance of cross-border cooperation in the process of European integration, its positive effects, challenges which must be tackled and the difficulties encountered.


Partner: Institute of Public Affairs (Poland)

Donor: Czech-Polish Forum

Czech Republic and Poland – analysis and comparison of pursuit of interests in the EU in the field of foreign policy and Economic and Monetary Union

Project Manager: David Král, Vladimír Bartovic

Timeframe: January - December 2013


The objective of the project is to analyse and compare the strategy and instruments used by the Czech Republic and Poland to promote their proposals in the EU in the field of foreign policy and Economic and Monetary Union, and to assess to what extent the two countries have been successful in asserting their positions.

Project goals:

  • To explore whether both countries have clearly defined interests in the two examined areas, how they formulate their proposals and positions when negotiating at the EU level as well as with their counterparts, and how they build coalitions and influence decision-making of the EU
  • To compare attitudes of the two countries and critially evaluate their successes in terms of proposals promoting in the two examined areas based on selected case studies
  • To inform about the main conclusions of the study, their comparative analysis and recommendations for future course of action to be undertaken by relevant actors and wider professional community in both countries.


  • 4 analyses with recommendations (policy papers) approximately 20 pages long, compiled according to the methodology agreed upon by both project partners based on the semi-structured interviews with relevant actors and other relevant sources.
  • A comparative study approximately 10 pages long based on four case studies (two Czech, two Polish)
  • Two round tables presenting results of the project to the relevant actors followed by a discussion that will take place in Prague and Warsaw and where individual and comparative studies will be introduced and distributed.


Institute of Public Affairs (Poland)


Czech-Polish Forum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

The preparation of the non-governmental sector for the involvement in activities financed by the structural funds (Phare – the program of the civil society development)

Project Manager: Radomír Špok

Timeframe: completed (January - December 2003)

Executive Summary:

Main objective of the project was to strengthen abilities of the non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic to use the benefits of the EU structural funds and thus contribute to the development of civil society and the lasting sustainability of the NGOs. Not only NGOs but also other institutions, especially public authorities and selected commercial entities, had a benefit from this project. The project also enabled to establish partnership between these entities, thereby increasing their chances of drawing support from the structural funds.

The objective has been attained through three main activities – an information portal for structural funds for NGOs, a manual - instructions for the involvement of NGOs in the process of preparation and implementation of projects supported by EU structural funds, and finally through information seminars organized in all fourteen regions of the CR, whose aim was introduction of created products to help make contacts and open discussion about the structural funds.

European Union

Think Global – Act European II – Contribution of 14 think-tanks to the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Trio Presidenc

Project Manager for EUROPEUM: David Král

Timeframe: completed (November 2009)

Executive Summary:

Continuation of the TGAE project.  International project under the leadership of Notre Europe (Paris) aimed at delivering recommendations for the next Trio presidencies Spain, Belgium and Hungary.



Notre Europe (Paris)

Real Instituto Elcano (Madrid)

GKI, Brussels

Egmont (Brussels)

Brussels European and Global Economic Laboratory (Brussels)

Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels)

Centre for European Reform (London)

DemosEuropa Centre for European Strategy (Warsaw)

Danish Institute for International Studies (Copenhagen)

European Council for Foreign relations (London- Madrid-Athens-Paris)

Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (Athens)

Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (Stockholm)

German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Berlin)

Thing Global – Act European – The Contribution of European think Tanks to the French, Czech and Swedish Trio Presidencies of the European Union

Project Manager for EUROPEUM: David Král

Timeframe: completed (2007- May 2008)

Executive Summary:

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy has been actively involved in the major international network project "Think Global-Act European? The Contribution of European Think Tanks to the French, Czech and Swedish Presidencies (TGAE)". Under the leadership of Notre Europe and the Fondation pour l´Innovation Politique, leading French think-tanks, the project mobilized a limited number of dynamic European think tanks for the purpose of formulating concrete recommendations on major issues of concern to the French, Czech and Swedish Presidencies. A joint report (publication of policy papers) was presented in Paris in May 2008. The five themes were: sustainable development, growth and employment, justice, security and internal affairs, democracy in the EU and the EU's role in the world.



Foundation pour l´Innovation politique (Paris)

Notre Europe (Paris)

Bruegel (Brussels)

Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels)

Center for European Roforme (London)

DemosEuropa (Warsaw)

Danish Institute for International Studies (Copenhagen)

European Council on Foreign Relations (London-Madrid-Berlin-Paris)

Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy Eliamep (Athens)

European Policy Centre (Brussels)

Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (Stockholm)

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (Berlin)


The project is held under the auspices of Mr. Alexandr Vondra, Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic´s Government for European Affairs, Mr. Jean-Pierre Jouyet, French Secretary of State for European Affairs and Mrs Cecilie Malström, Minister for EU Affairs, Swedish Prime Minsiter Office.


  • Czech Debate on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework

    The publication is the outcome of the project Czech Debate on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework that took place in cooperation with Glopolis and the financial support of Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague.

    Publication is available to download here (only in Czech).

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